Desk Job Causing Neck & Back Pain? Try Massage.

Massage therapists constantly encounter clients whose jobs involve sitting at a desk for eight hours a day or more. Their biggest complaint is aching shoulders, necks and lower backs. Bad ergonomics that are practiced for long periods of time, whether you’re sitting or standing, often lead to pain. This is because the body tries to relieve fatigue or create stability, so it compensates by activating muscles that would ideally remain at rest.

Elements Massage has a few tips to prevent desk job aches and pains.

  1. To begin with, take a look at the position of your computer screen. You should not have to bend your neck while looking at your screen. If you’re using a laptop, connecting to a different, eye-level monitor or placing it on a raised platform is a good idea. You should also make sure your chair is at the right height. Over time, the added stress to your neck can lead to permanent degeneration and damage to your neck.
  1. The same goes for phone screens. Try to reduce the amount of time your head is looking down while you’re looking at your phone. For every degree that your neck is bent forward, a surprisingly frightful amount of weight is added onto your neck.
  1. Avoid cradling your phone between your neck and shoulder. This can be a tough habit to break, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Necks were not made to be contorted into severe angles. This can lead to pinched nerves, knotted muscles… even a “mini-stroke” has been reported. Today, we have a wide selection of Bluetooth headsets, so there is really no excuse for holding your phone in this manner.

Even after trying all of these preventative measures, you still may suffer day-to-day strains on the body, particularly the neck, shoulders and back. Regular visits to the massage therapist can help heal the aches and pains you feel. He or she can break up and lengthen the knotted muscles in your neck, shoulders and back and work out the strains in your hands and wrists.

Once a massage therapist has healed your office related aches, regular massages are recommended. They will keep your muscles loosened, lengthened and soothed, and can even prevent future injuries. In addition, massages can also promote proper posture and avoid permanent “desk-slouch.”

While massage therapists can’t make your job any better, they CAN make you feel better while doing it! Come the weekend, your body will be ready for whatever life has in store.

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